The News Reel

11-4-11 Got Shirt? We do! 

People!  We FINALLY have shirts available!  Message us for one.  $15 each!

On other news, now that fall has come upon us, we should be shooting for a video VERY shortly.  Stay tuned for that... in the mean time, check out the latest video we made "Studio Blog Episode 1"!

9-11-11 - 9/11 at the Red Room 

Ashes played a great show at the Red Room in Boise, Idaho tonight!  Despite the band suffering from an infection of epidemic proportions (ok... so 3/4 have of us have the common cold... but it's one hell of a cold!), we pulled through with a great success.  We handed out some demo material (you can DL it from this site!).

For those who missed it, we dedicated our song "Damnation" to the people involved in 9/11... 10 years ago, we were hit pretty hard.  We can only hope that the damnation of whatever is left of their souls will be a sliver of what they deserve.  For the victims, rest in peace.  You are not forgotten.

NEW! - Here is a video of Ashes of Abaddon playing D.O.A. at the Red Room that night!

9-9-11 - Rotten Records Showcase 

Ashes is excited to play for the fine people of Boise!  Also, The Shell Agency and Rotten Records will be there!  To add to all that, it will be at the Red Room, which has an awesome chilling theme in their place!  We will also have a sweet 3-song demo we will be giving away after our show.  How could one go wrong?  Hope to see some of you there!

08-20-11 - Studio Progress update 

To say the least, the drums sound AMAZING at this point.  Be prepared to be amazed... The most impressive thing (to me) is the great stereo image of the drums.  You feel like you are sitting there, listening to Brett going crazy on those skins!  The kick hits deep, the snare penetrates your brain, and the toms are closesly noted to rolling thunder.

We should be finishing up vocals and guitars in the next week or so.  Shortly after, the bass will finally get slapped down in to the mix (oh, so much pun intended...).  A walk around the park in mixing land and off to mastering.  From there, we will have the option for singles or full album, as well as downloading, CD, or flash drive.  Because we know not everybody has the funding these days, we will also release a mini album with 2-3 songs for the price that anybody should be able to afford: $FR.EE.  That translated to ¥0.00, £0.00, and €0.00.

You should be able to find our music on Pandora shortly after, so you might just want to create a station for Ashes, just to make sure you don't miss a beat (pun city).

Moving away from album related things...

We have been lining up quite a few shows, but there is a chance we might be able to pull off another BBQ to celebrate the end of summer.  Stay tuned for that one.

Have us on Facebook?  We are also on Google+!  We're on Myspace, but nobody visits that ghost town anymore.

08-07-11 - Too loud? Too old. 

It's not everyday you get asked to play a show for a public event.  We decided to give it a shot!  Turns out the locals didn't appreciate Metal like many of our fans would.  After 2 songs, we were asked to turn it down.  Instead, we decided to play one last song and call it a day.  We met a few people there that did like the music.  If we made a few fans out of it, it is well worth it!

08/3/11 - Studio Progress 

Ashes is still continuing progress on the new album.  As of now, all drum tracks are complete, most are edited, some of the guitar tracks are laid out... we'll be pushing through to get some more guitar tracks done this week.  Vocal tracks are also scheduled to begine this week.  Bass tracks will be scheduled for next month.

WANTED: Artists of all types!  Were looking for any album art that would want to be contributed to our album.  Anybody who submits and is chosen for the album will receive an autographed version of the CD and a T-shirt, FREE!  Go to the Contact Us tab up above and write us for more information.

Keep checking in folks.  We will keep you up to date.

06/14/11 - Studio Progress 

Alright everybody, after 3 years of working on this, were finally ready to record our first album.  Why did it take 3 years?  Quality over quantity is a firm belief we all have in the band.  Anybody can record 4 chords and the same beat with meaningless lyrics filled with the word "Oh baby".  We burn that idea to the ground and have decided it is time to give the people what they want: Metal.  All songs are written and well performed by the band.  We are going to have over 10 songs on this album, ranging from 3 minutes to 8 minutes in time per song.

So far, we have put down stratch tracks for all instruments, all drums have been tracked, and the editing process on the drums has begun.  Thus far, drums sound phenomenal and will only bet better once surrounded with the rest of the band.  Expect more news on future recordings next week!