The News Reel

3-19-13 - We give to you... The Infected 

Finally.  It is here.  The Infected.  Like an STD, once you get it in you, you won't be able to let it go.  Buy it now on Amazon, iTunes, and damn near anywhere on the internet that sells MP3s!  For those of you with a bit more patience, Album Prints will be done in a few weeks.  The CDs will be on sale and will have more content and, of course, better sound quality, along with album artwork, lyrics... the whole 9.  Hell, the whole 10.

Definitely leave us some feedback on Facebook, or email us if you want.  What's your favorite track?

2/24/2013 - Pics, Music, and much more 

Happy to announce that we are putting out "The Infected" for online downloads this week!  For those lucky enough to pick up a copy from out Knitting Factory show, you should have been emailed a link to download the full MP3 version of the album.  CD version is soon to follow and contains higher audio quality, bonus audio tracks and, of course, all the great art and insert details.

For those who missed our wicked Knit show in Boise, ID... make sure to go to the photos section and check out what the talented Max Chavez ( put together for us.  We also have the performance recorded in 1080p, but that will need the usual editing process.  Very soon, though, Disciples.

Check in later this week to pick up a copy for yourself of "The Infected".

Also, a little behind the scenes action nobody caught, but I'll let Derek tell the story...
"Touched by an angel? So we were doing sound checks for the show Friday night and halfway through our first song my guitar cuts out. All the lights were still lit on my pedal board, my guitar was still sending signal to the tuner, my amp is fully lit up, but when I walked around to the back of my cab I noticed the cable connecting it to the head is unplugged halfway. There's no way it could've got accidentally unplugged at this point, so I'm wondering if someone was messing with me. I plug it back in and resume sound checks. 2 minutes later the same thing happens. I go back and check it and sure enough its unplugged again, this time it's all the way out. The sound guy comes over and says "Whoa dude! The last time Dimebag played here he setup at that exact same spot and had the exact same thing happen to his cab too...twice! He had to tape his plug to his cab...Here's some tape" So I taped it up Dimebag style and (after a lot of freaking out over it) played a killer show!! m/"

Headlining the Knitt, plus Album Release! 

Good news, peeps!  We will be headlining a show at the Boise Knitting Factory on Feb 22nd.  Contact us for free tickets.  It's gonna be stupid good.  Mind blowing, with any luck.  Without all the actual brain matter, please.

Another great chunk of news is "The Infected" 2013 album release is inches away... In fact, go hit the Downloads section and get yourself a slice of that pie!  We have released "Gain/End" as a free single for you to download and play until your speakers blow, but perhaps your mind will do so first.

Expect the rest of the album to be ready for download very soon.  The price will be awesome on the full album and a full CD release will follow shortly.  Stay tuned...

Knitting Factory,Twin Falls,then back to writing! 

Well, it's been a long, rough year for everybody.  Economy is down, people are depressed... but you know?  We got your back.  We don't let anything get us down, but we get down with good, heavy music!  So should you!  Chin up people, it's tough out there, so do yourself a favor and be prepared for...
Ashes of Abaddon - The Infected
...This be available very shortly.  Our first album.  This albums moto with us is "Quality over quantity"... with that said, we have over 10 songs, nearly an hour worth of music... full of our best and heaviest efforts.  You'll love it... there is no doubt in any of our minds.  Everything is pretty much on the verge of "done"... we realize we've been saying this thing is almost done for quite some time, but we are a bunch of perfectionists.  We wanted to make sure that you get every penny's worth out of this bad boy.

Anywho, you saw us at Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho.  Next up is Twin Falls, Idaho area.  We haven't been there before.  You haven't seen us there before.  It's a first time for everybody, so we'll go slow and easy for you all.  (pause).  NOT!  Hahaha!  Prepare to break some necks, Twin Falls!

Then what, you ask?  Well.  We are done recording this album, so, it only makes sense to move on to the next!  We've already got a few solid songs for the next audio artwork, but we don't want to do anything but 1-up our last.  So, we won't let anybody down in our moto on the 2nd album.  Can't stand when other bands only get one good album out?  Don't worry, we aren't those bands.  We won't get all "radio friendly" on you.  We won't change our tune to please your girlfriends.  Or lame boyfriends.  We want it heavier, faster, slower... you name it, we want it.  As long as it's in the name of Metal, of course!

So a longer winter is ahead of us.  We look forward to it.  Enjoy the snow.  As it falls, the first album will fall into your laps.  As the snow melts, it will also devide from the road to good, new, live music we will provide.

Happy Holidays, from your favorite Metal band.

10-8-12 - Absinthe Addiction 

To finish up the tour Arsenic Addiction was on, we were honored to play in Boise, Idaho with them.  A lot of great talent that night... Where We Are Now, Grindsoul, and Latimer were there to kick ass as well!  It was our first night of banner-induced stage mayhem!  Guess if you wern't there, you wouldn't understand...

Everybody put on a great show!  Arsenic finished off the night.  Whiskey was cheap.  Beer was overflowing.  Jesse had the honor of going with Arsenic after the show to get some sobriety-inducing food, but first, finishing off the night of drinking with Lady Arsenic's stash of Absinthe!  The night ended with many good laughs and smiles.  Thanks AA, that was good fun!

So what's next?  Ashes has some great progress on the Album.  I know, I know, we constantly say "It's coming soon", but then soon comes, and we repeat the message.  We are re-recording some parts to perfection.  Don't you hate buying something that isn't "Finished"?  Windows Vista?  How about some of those video games that glitch?  New model cars that break down right after the warranty?  You won't get that with our first album: The Infected.

9/9/12 - Because of headbanging... 

...necks get wrecked!  Note, I never said we headbanged TOO much, though... ;)  As Justin said it best, "Your gonna have a bangover in the morning!" hahaha!

Anywho, last night was the 1st annual Metal Fest in Meridian, Idaho @ the New Frontier.  The place was awesome.  We all got to see a lot of bands we have only seen online and heard their recordings there as well... but live?  Our necks are destroyed for a reason, ya know.

Ashes had a great time.  We got up front for the other bands, because they kicked ass.  We played till we dropped, because the audiance kicked ass.  It was a win-win situation there.

So, off to the next great adventure.

Oh, guess I should give an album update.  Sadly, our damn perfections needs have us still working on this thing.  It's not forgotten, but we don't like releasing material until it is done right.  So rightfully done it will be and into your eardrums, all in good time.


Yesterday, we left Hell and descended upon a PHOTO SHOOT!  Mr. Max A. Chavez was kind enough to take out of his busy schedule and do a quick photoshoot with us, Ashes of Abaddon.  He scouted out the spot where the darkness met the perfect amount of light and went to town on that camera of his.  Above this post, click Photos to check out a few!  We're still getting them uploaded, but damn, they turned out good.

Max's website is ... make sure to go to his site and leave a commend on how bad ass of a photographer he is!

We look foreward to working with him more in the future.  As a plus, Max is an AoA fan!  He loves our music and we appreciate his excellent artistic photographer skills.  Bang your heads, people!

6/23/12- Bud lights wants you to go here! 

So, turns out, we're doing pretty good in our region for the Bud Light Battle of the Bands!  But, the fight is not over... we need YOU!  Yes, YOU!  Go here...

Vote once a day, every day, until July 3rd.  You haven't the slightest and how much we appreciate you doing that for us!

03/10/12 - Knitting Factory, Check. 

We absolutely loved playing for the Knit and all the many people that showed up.  It was a complete blast and can't possibly over exadurate how awesome the crowd was, with their unlimited energy.  Thank you all again for coming!

Again, we want to thank for putting on that show.  They play local music... they play hits... they hack into your brain and know what you like and play it.  Amazing.  What, this technology surprises you?  Hasn't the government had this for years???

For those that missed it, Youtube videos have been uploaded to headbang till your hair falls out, as well as pics on our Photos area available for your eyegasm.


Seriously, why are you still reading this?

No, really.  Go click.

I'm telling your mother if you don't click it right...


OK, if you are still reading, looks like you want more.  How about some updates?

The album is so close to done, I can smell it!  Ever have an olfactory overload of groovin metal?  "Stings the nostrils" as Ron Burgundy would say.  Anywho, A quick run of vocals, fine tuning the guitar tracks and a splash of gut-wrenching tone adjustment... the final mix... off to mastering... guess what is next?  Destroying your eardrums.  Likely, you'll blow your speakers before that happens.  Perhaps cops will be called because your neighbors don't understand anything beyond an Edison Cylinder Phonograph.  It's not their fault they are too old to headbang.  Buy them some earplugs.

The band is stronger than ever!  We have so much creative goo oozing out of our orifices... Ever seen Ghostbusters 2?  Think: river of ooze.  We'll be wrapping up the last of the album and promptly writing new material.  With Justin on board, the guitars should be firmly at 11.  Catch "Evil Toymaker" at the Knitting Factory?  Of course you did, you are awesome.  Oh... you didn't?  That's ok.  You went to Videos on the site, or to our Youtube link above, and watched it.  Why?  Because you did.  Anywho, let's assume you did so my keyboard doesn't take any more ware and tear on this debate.  Guess who the lead writter on those guitars was?  Yup, Justin.  If you see him, make sure to let him know how bad your neck hurts because of that song.  Please don't sue him for your injuries.  His intentions are pure.  Well, at least, for that song.  Anything else is up in the air.

Expect to see AoA throughout Idaho/Oregon this year.  The year of the Abaddon.  No... doesn't resonate very well.  Time of the Ash?  Tell you what, your turn to show us YOUR creativity.  Go to the Contact Us, or hit our Facebook, and post up your creative ideas on how best to describe how AoA will take the world down by 12-20-2012.  After all, the Mayan's knew it was going to be our metal that ended the world.  Damn, that's a lot on our shoulders!  Only way to survive is to strengthen those neck muscles, hit the moshpit 5 days a week, and train your ears to widthstand 150dB.  Good luck, peoples!  Until next time.

1-29-12 Keeping up the progress 

It's been a long, snowless winter for us.  We have been working on new material and fine tuning some of our tones.  We are excited to play at the KNITTING FACTORY in Boise, ID in about a month!  We're planning on putting a lot of energy into that show, make sure to attend.

Album is coming along slowly.  At this point, only some editing and vocals are all that is left!  Stay tuned until next update...